Sunday, October 17, 2010

Edison's Dream ~ Prologue

           Hollowmill is a small, quaint village that rests on the coastline of the Valhaven Ocean. The residents live in the stone houses that are scattered throughout the village. Some of the homes are situated closer to the shore than others. They make their livings by farming, blacksmithing, or crafting. In the east part of the village is Marvelyn Ranch, where the residents go to buy fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk. It is owned by Auntie Marvelyn, an elderly woman who has lived at the ranch ever since she was a child.

               Directly in the center of Hollowmill flows the Aldon River, which feeds right into the ocean. On one side of the river lives an artist named Achille de Marx, who creates the most glorious and inspiring paintings. The only time he is ever seen outside of his home is when he decides to sell his artwork. The residents of the village consider themselves privileged when they afford some of his paintings. On the other side of the river is a gristmill, where grain is pounded into flour. In the west part of the village is Prowler Woods, the hideout of many stealthy pickpockets. Many residents can tell their own sad stories of possessions being stolen by these thieves.

          The village of Hollowmill is not only home to beautiful sights, but some very interesting people. Living in the house nearest to the ocean is a young man who goes by the name of Edison. He is in his early twenties, has a muscular build, and has short brown hair. He supports himself by working at the local Bazaar. He currently lives with his mother and father, Elizabeth and Giles, who run a small baking business out of their home.  Edison was taught the “Basic Arts of Swordsmanship”, in his late teens by his now late grandfather. During his leisure time, he is usually seen in his backyard practicing with his sword and shield.

           In the house nearest to the east of the village, lives Edison’s fiancée, Angelica. She has long, natural red hair, is of a thin build, and is the same age as Edison. She spends her leisure time designing clay sculptures. To help support herself, she assists Auntie Marvelyn at the ranch, by caring for her animals, and helping grow crops. The couple met three years ago when Angelica was selling her sculptures at the Bazaar where Edison worked. From the time they first met, the couple has shared a romantic, loving relationship, and plan one day to marry.

          The village of Hollowmill is situated far to the south of the mysterious land of Portrainia. Not many people know its history, but it’s said to hold a very dark one. The country is divided into four separate territories. Tranquis is to the south, which Hollowmill is part of. Extrarus is to the west, Malus is to the north, and Fiendus is to the east.

The villagers of Hollowmill only know peacefulness and joy. They live happy, carefree lives, and never hesitate to look out for one another. They walk down to the Valhaven Ocean to watch the sunset, or they gaze out into the horizon and listen to the soothing waves. They feel as if they will never be exposed to danger. However, their ocean of calmness may soon be used as a pathway for evil to invade their land…

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Scented Leaf said...

The venue description from your story is really idyllic: stone houses that are scattered throughout the village... nearest to the ocean... where people watch the sunset or... listen to the soothing waves. I'll take the time to read the whole story.

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