Monday, November 15, 2010

Edison's Dream ~ Chapter Two ~ Part One

He’s probably in there all alone, I can hear a fearful moan…

          Angelica awoke in a mysterious place. It almost appeared to be a throne room, it looked very unusual. As she looked around the place, there were oddly designed walls. They seemed to be made out of dark violet glass mirrors. There were reflections of the entire room through all walls. On the floor in front of her was a carpet of blue that extended all the way to an orange door. Torches were lit on either side of the door. Angelica snapped to attention when she heard the doorknob turning. It opened slowly, what she thought at first was a man entered the room, with the face of a monster. His skin was ash gray, yet oddly, his face was snow white. The pupils of his eyes glowed with a fiery red. He was dressed in a black cloak, with strange patterns she couldn’t make out all over the arms. On his head, he wore a regalia purple crown that had spikes around the rim. There were different colored rings on each of his fingers. Angelica was petrified. As she tried to move her legs to escape, she discovered that she was chained to a boulder behind her.

“What do you want from me?” she yelled in terror. The man let out an evil chuckle and slowly crept up to Angelica. “You have opened the gates into this marvelous land!” he sneered. “When I heard the ancient song of treasures, I sent my underling Captain Blackeye to bring you to me.” Angelica realized at that moment that the Ballad of the Thieves was a song she had played, and myths behind it were about to come true. “Who are you?” she cried. “V.H. Fine at your service, little one. I shall become the new ruler of Portrainia! And you are going to help me find every sacred treasure that hides in this fair country.” he stated. “I will never help you, you fiend!” she sneered. “Let me go at once!” She struggled to break free from the chains. V.H. Fine let out a laugh and pointed his hand towards the boulder restraining Angelica. A pink translucent cube encircled her, which began to spin around, getting progressively faster. The cube then disappeared, along with Angelica. V.H. Fine held his hands up in the air, and a dark aura formed around his body. He disappeared as well, his evil laugh echoing throughout the room.
While Edison lay unconscious on the floor of what was once his family’s home, he was having a terrifying dream. He saw himself on top of a cliff, which was overseeing an entire country. Everything around him looked blurred. Suddenly, a dark aura formed in front of him far in the distance. As it got closer, it turned into a white head. It was the head of V.H. Fine, the captor of Angelica. “Who… who are you?” Edison asked. “The love of your life is held in my Palace of Paradox.” V.H. Fine chuckled. “Follow your dreams…follow your dreams…” he said, his voice getting further away in the distance. Soon, the image of his head vanished.


Margaret Benbow said...

Truly imaginative and mysterious...

Belinda said...

this is an incredible journey you just
took me on...fabulous

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