Saturday, March 5, 2011

Edison's Dream ~ Chapter Four ~ Part Six

                    Edison tried blinking his eyes in order to get a clearer picture of where he was, but his surroundings only became blurrier and blurrier. Eventually his body fell to the ground entirely, and his muscles were numb. He was soon about to enter another dream realm. The blur of what was once the Wanderer’s Museum changed into a strange field. The whole area was difficult to see through as it was very foggy. The sky had a small tinge of green in it, while everything else was uncolored and distorted. Although his muscles were weak, Edison got himself up off of the ground and made his way forward. The area seemed to shake slightly as he moved. He continued to blink to navigate better, as his eyes were hurting greatly. The fog started to clear up as Edison took a few more steps forward. The area itself however, remained colorless and dreary. He halted and nearly toppled to the ground when he saw what was ahead of him in the distance. Luckily, a small bush which appeared to be swaying back and forth sat to the right of where he was standing. He dashed towards it and knelt down, in order to see what was occurring without being seen.

          Right in the center of the seemingly endless field stood a tall, temple-like structure. On its rooftop sat a large tower that lightly touched the clouds. The entire building was very elegant to the eye, constructed out of various shaped cement bricks that colors were a mixture of black and grey. The whole structure was exceedingly wide. The tower housed a cracked bell, which suddenly rang three times.

          Outside the building, hundreds of young men and women were lined up, with huge gaps in between them. All of them were crouched down on both knees. Their hands were flat on the ground, and their heads were hung down. Each person wore a black gown that had orange stripes running down both arms. From where Edison hid, he counted out eleven rows of people. At the end of every row, there stood a man holding a weapon. Each one was garbed in a long auburn robe. Their faces were of a burnt umber color, with white wavy lines painted on both cheeks. All of a sudden, another man much taller than the ones standing at the rows approached the top of the tower. He looked to be about seven feet tall, and wore a burgundy robe with goldenrod markings on the torso. His violet eyes shone across the colorless field. His face was burnt umber as well, however the wavy lines on his cheeks were white and one side, and black on the other. “The school of magic has ceased all spells!” His voice echoed. “I, Sir Vasarlium, have at last obeyed the orders of V.H. Fine and have overthrown the Temple of Imbroglio. The teachings of the art of illusionism will be no more!” The men cheered once again. Just then, a person crouched down closest to the temple stood up. “We shall never allow the likes of you to take over this sacred temple!” He screamed. “Just what do you hope to accomplish here?” The person was then seized by two guards before he could utter another word.

          Sir Vasarlium proceeded with his speech. “Our leader, V.H. Fine, wishes to use the outstanding arts taught in this facility to become even more powerful and dangerous than he already is! Soon, he will take full kingship of Portrainia, and make it a much lovelier place!” The men at the rows bowed to Sir Vasarlium, who was peering down at the people crouched in front of the temple. “And as for these disgraceful rats, who call themselves the students of Illusionism, I demand for them to be imprisoned! Lead them into the underground chamber this instant!” The men at the rows saluted Sir Vasarlium and gathered the people from in front of the temple. They arranged them all into one straight line, and marched them down a long stony path that leads to a hollow cave under the temple. Without thinking, Edison jumped out of the bush and ran towards the scene. However, the temple and the field faded away, until nothing but a grey blur could be seen. Edison felt his body being lifted off the ground, as an invisible force threw him forward. He started to fly ahead, and as he did, the blur slowly changed into the head of V.H. Fine, who was grinning precariously. “What an ingenious display of bravery, young man…” he chuckled. “But are you ready for what is next?”    


Old 333 said...

Most enjoyable. I had an English teacher moment (which is ridiculous for me considering the regular liberties I take with more than spelling) - but anyway - the phrase "Outside of the building" - has two too many words in.

Enjoying the story! Your creativity and care is apparent; one day, you may get paid back well for this.

And thanks.


Old 333 said...

And Enjoy some music!

Old 333 said...

Ummm...regarding my first comment...I meant "one too many words", and should have kept my mouth shut anyway. Thanks for the story! And forgive an addled old poet his miscounted mumblings.


Lori said...

Enjoying the story, but got a good laugh out of Old 333--been there and done that.
Keep up the God work.

Anonymous said...

This chapter so far is one of my favorites so well written, keep going W.B. I'm hooked.

The Golden Eagle said...

Great chapter! Now I want to know what happens. :)

lighttraveler said...

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DRC said...

Great chapter...can't wait for the next installment ;)

Scented Leaf said...

Interesting dream. I like "the school of magic" concept ;-)

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